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An idea comes of age

Seagreens® products make it easy for anyone to include the world's most nutritious seaweed in their everyday food.

That's it! That's what the Seagreens project is all about.

Seagreens Consumer Products are the exemplar, used as food ingredients and condiments, in all kinds of meals, vegetables and salad, in tonics and teas, in juices or smoothies in nutrition supplements and as natural remedies.

To achieve its goal, Seagreens had first to pioneer the production of wild seaweeds for human consumption.

The process began in the late 1990s in Arctic Lapland through an Anglo-Scandinavian joint venture.

12 years later Seagreens began harvesting in the British Isles. First came Hebridean Seagreens Ltd, an Anglo-Scottish joint venture in the Outer Hebrides. Then in the west coast of Ireland and in the far north of Iceland.

Seagreens became Europe's leading seaweed nutrition brand with a research foundation in Edinburgh and London and worldwide distribution of Seagreens Certified Ingredients.

A continuous programme of original food and health research ensued from 2007 to the present day.

In 2011 the strategic partnership of the UK's 7 Research Councils (RCUK) identified Seagreens' ability to replace salt in everyday foods as one of Britain's leading "Big Ideas For The Future" (see page 58).

In 2018, approaching the age of 70, SDeagrens founder formed the Seagreens Trust to continue the project through an international consortium, Seagreens® International Partnership.

In 2020, the Trust set up Seagreens Harvesting Systems Ltd, an R&D vehicle to develop advanced harvesting and processing technologies for deployment among a wider group of consortium producers in the British Isles and Nordic region.

Click here to listen to Seaweed, a Forgotten Food? in which Sheila Dillon interview Seagreens' founder for BBC Radio 4 in 2012 (for this section only start at 15.32).

Seagreens' iconic green jars for consumers are its 'core products' - 100% Seagreens seaweed and nothing else.

New, award-winning products like The Mineral Salt are 'stand alone' brands produced by Seagreens or its Brand Partners.

Brand Partners manufacturer their own products using Seagreens Certified Ingredients. Seagreens has Brand Partners in more than six countries.

If you are interested in Seagreens you are a stakeholder and part of the Seagreens business.

Many stakeholders play an active role in its development and the aim is broad co-ownership.

If you have questions about any aspect of Seagreens, please contact Seagreens® Information Service.