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Setting the standard

When production began in 1997 Seagreens® wild wrack species were the first seaweeds to be harvested according to Defra and Soil Association Organic Standards.

These remain concerned with water quality, contamination and sustainability, but alone do not assure consumers of consistent nutritional quality or content.

Large volumes of old seaweed can be cut and sold into the human food chain, or it may be wind-cast, collected on beaches, and rapidly dried at high temperatures. Small scale artisan harvesting also offers no guarantees concerning cleanliness, nutritional composition, or consistency.

Mot seaweed in Europe and North America is produced on an industrial scale for alginate extraction, horticulure, and more sadly, animal feed.

Seagreens moved onward and upward from these conventional practices, developing its own methods and standards over the years. 

All Seagreens ingredients for food and nutrition product manufacturing have a fully analysed nutritional composition and batch certification assuring the consumer that the products are free from allergens, contaminants, microbial pathogens and heavy metals.

Seagreens developed the careful selection, monitoring, harvesting, transportation, processing, production, packaging, and international food and medical compliance to its Patent Pending proprietary standard.

Since 2012 the Seagreens Trust has worked with the Seaweed Health Foundation and the Biodynamic Association to introduce an international standard for seaweed for human consumption.  

In the process, Seagreens has redefined the standards for producing human food seaweed in Europe which are now among the most advanced in the world.

Seagreens continues to develop its own unique standard and is the seaweed ingredient of choice for leading food and nutrition supplement brands.

A short history

1998 - Seagreens founded as Europe’s first Organic ‘ocean-to-table’ seaweed producer "to get a gram of the best seawed into the daily diet"

2004 - Approved by the Biodynamic Association for use in Biodynamic and Organic foods and farming systems in Europe

2007 - Biodynamic approval extended to the USA under Biodynamic® and NOP Organic Standards

2008 - British Government sponsors health research into Seagreens at the Centre for Food Innovation, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

2009 - Seagreens (Hebridean Seagreens Ltd) receives international Organic Certification for new harvesting and production in Scotland

2009 - Seagreens production facilities EU and FDA registered for Food Safety and hygiene with full HACCP quality control procedures

2010 - Segreens receives national awards for research, sustainability, and product innovation; nutritonal marker research proves its outstanding quality

2011 - Founder's inaurgural speech at the Natural History Museum, London, to launch the Seaweed Health Foundation

2012 - Certified allergen free and Kosher for Passover; Seagreens ranks "most searched for ingredient" on Life Science search engine, Innovdex

2013 - Peer reviewed research concludes Seagreens in a product of Napiers of Edinburgh can provide iodine sufficiency at half a gram per day

2015 - Seagreens Trust established to carry forward the work of Seagreens and the Seaweed Health Foundation, for research, standards, and information


GB-ORG-6 - the European Organic logo introduced 2010
GB-ORG-6 - the European Organic logo introduced 2010. Seagreens human food standards surpass EU 834/2007, 889/2008, 710/2009
Biodynamic Association approval for use in organic and biodynamic foods and farming systems
Kosher Certified by the London Beth Din Kashrut Division, Court of the Chief Rabbi
USDA Certified Organic

Seagreens® ingredient products are processed under full HACCP quality control procedures, finished and packed for distribution in certified BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited A grade, FDA registered food facilities.

Products for consumers and healthcare practitioners are produced in Class 9 pharmaceutical clean room and packed and bottled in ISO 9001, MHRA, BRC, and FDA approved facilities. 

All capsules used are of 100% vegetable origin and additionally internationally Certified Kosher Circle U under the supervision of the Kashruth Division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and Halal by the Halal Monitoring Committee.

All Seagreens products are certified allergen and pollutant free, organic, kosher, raw, vegan and halal compliant.

But it is Seagreens' proprietary harvesting and production methods*, and its extensive product and batch analysis which ensures consistent quality and an outstanding nutritional profile.

This extensive accreditation covers the distribution and retail of Seagreens worldwide, including full FDA registration for the United States.

Certification downloads

Organic Certification EU and USA (Biodynamic Association UK 6: 398)

Kosher Certification for Seagreens consumer products and ingredients

Kosher Certification for Seagreens 'The Mineral Salt'

BRC Certificate of Compliance for GSFS

Seagreens® - the trade mark of quality

Seagreens is a trade mark of Seagreens International Partnership Trustees Ltd, Great Britain and registered throughout the EU, the USA and Canada with further applications pending.

It is your assurance that the seaweed in our products and in our customers' products, anywhere in the world, fully meets Seagreens' proprietary standard.

The Hebridean islands' Certifed Water Quality is closely monitored by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

Production facilities were given an Environmental Sustainability Award from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage in 2011.

*Patents Pending