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Seagreens® ingredients are the finest in their category, the result of more than two decades of pioneering production and scientific study. 

We support product development with unparalled know-how, and work with many intermediaries - contract manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and development consultants, food technicians and nutritionists. 

Our customers use Seagreens functionally, for example to reduce salt, improve natural shelf life, for flavour and texture, and to enhance or balance nutritional profile.

The nutritional value and uptake of almost any nutrition supplement, functional food smoothie, special diet food, ready meal, soup, teas or tonic will benefit from as little as 500mg Seagreens®.

For 25 years, Seagreens® have proved effective in nutritional therapy, in a range of diseases and health conditions, and are the subject of award-winning published research.

This, and our work with regulatory authorities, contnues to broaden the range of approved and pending health and functional claims for Seagreens® ingredients.

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You will find presentations for general and marketing management, QA professionals, and NPD personnel.

Then please give us a call, and involve us in your proposed application as early as possible.

Of course we want to sell bags of seaweed, but above all we want to deliver goodness and value in our relationships - which most often begins with an informal chat.

"Britain's first organic ocean-to-table seaweed producer" - The Times, October 2005

We led the field then, and with good reason, we still do.

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Download : Der Speigel 1955 article with English translation (pdf)

An article published in 1955 in the magazine "Der Spiegel" (in German) has come to light. The article is about a German man in the 50's importing seaweed from Norway and selling it to bakeries for use in bread making. Mr Lienau wanted to make seaweed usable for nutrition in Germany.

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