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Making business work better

A few years into Seagreens, after our customary period of silence each morning, we wrote on a flip chart the names of everyone who made up the Seagreens business.

Beside each name we added a word to indicate what kind of relationship we had with these people - consumer, retailer, nutritionist, supplier, media, and so on.

Several Pentel markers later -
and sheets of names still coming - my colleague Rachel Rowland and I sat down to contemplate the diversity and quality of these relationships.

A few of them we had been in touch with that morning. Others we had not heard of for several years. The list went back to when Seagreens began.

A small group met in London on a regular basis to guide its beginnings: a young nutritionist named Alex Kirchin; a food industry consultant Simon Wright; a packaging designer Adrian Whitefoord; an advertising executive (me); a student Natasha Langdon; and a financial adviser, Bernard Woods

Through various organisations and activities including Seagreens, I have tried to promote the idea that "business for a better world is also a better world for business".

Please click here for an interview in the July 2017 issue of Walnut Magazine.

With Seagreens I aimed to create a global brand 'to deliver goodness and value in all our relationships'.

This guides each decision and behaviour, product quality, packaging, telephone manner, selection of business partners, treatment of suppliers.

Instead of using Seagreens to make profits which in a conventional business model might support altruistic projects elsewhere, Seagreens is the altruistic project itself.

This work is the heart of life, not separate from it. Business which must serve the greater good.

The degree to which the brand manifests this idea is for you to judge. Please contriubute.

In 2015 Seagreens International Partnership is active in Europe, North America, Japan and elsewhere.

Every day, our list of names grows longer...

And in Britain we have an opportunity to engender a world class seaweed industry - for food and health and much more besides.

This is my personal goal.

Please click here for my 2012 address to the 1st Annual Conference of the Seaweed Health Foundation at the Natural History Museum in London.