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The birth of nutritious food seaweed


For more than two decades, Seagreens® has turned a simple idea into reality.

The idea was to make it easy for anyone to get at least a gram of the most nutritious seaweeds into our daily food. 

Enough to fill significant nutrient gaps in our modern diet, especially the many deficient micronutrients essential for immune function and which help delay the onset of degenerative diseases.

In Norway and Scotland, we pioneered Europe's first harvesting of seaweed specifically for human nutrition at an affordable daily cost.

Today Seagreens® native wild seaweeds, their production supervised to the world's highest standard (NFS - Nutritious Food Seaweed), feed millions of people and are valuable exports worldwide.

This 10th anniversary article appeared 2008 in Star & Furrow, the journal of the Biodynamic Agricultural Association.

Your interest in what we do and your daily use of Seagreens® - everyday nutrition products that anyone can simply add to their daily food and drink - has made this project the world's leading producer of seaweeds for human nutrition. 

In this 20th anniversary article published in 2018, Seagreens' founder explains how Seagreens will continue to develop the unique partnership between its brand, its international consortium partners, and its customers around the world for years to come.

The latest of his articles in this series, published in Star & Furrow to celebrate our 25th anniversary, explains the rationale for Nutritious Food Seaweed and the continuing development of seaweed production standards.

In 'Something for Everyone' the rising tide of seaweed for nutrition and health is explored in this 30 minute film show with Saint-Saëns 'Aquarium' music.


A short history

1997 - The Seagreens project begins with its first seaweed production for human consumption on the small Norwegian island of Frøya off the coast of Trondheim. It aims to "get a gram of the best seaweed into the daily diet" and "deliver goodness and value in all our relationships".

1998 - Seagreens is Britain's first certified Organic seaweed producer, fully integrated ‘ocean-to-table’ with nutrition products for practitioners and consumers and ingredients for third party manufacturing.

2002 - Production begins among the Norwegian Arctic Lofoten islands in partnership with Kjell Petterson, designer of Seagreens' mechanical harvesting technology (patents pending).

2004 - Approved by the Biodynamic Association for use in Biodynamic and Organic foods and farming systems in Europe.

No 2007 - Biodynamic Association certification extended to the USA under Biodynamic® and NOP Organic Standards.

2008 - Asda supermarket, with British Government sponsorship, initiates health research into Seagreens® at the UK Centre for Food Innovation, Sheffield Hallam University.

2009 - Seagreens begins Organic production in Scotland, in a joint venture, Hebridean Seagreens Ltd leading to a Crown Estate environmental sustainabilty award in 2012.

2009 - Seagreens new production facilities EU and FDA registered for Food Safety and hygiene with full HACCP quality control procedures.

2010 - Seagreens receives national awards for research, sustainability, product innovation; independent nutritonal marker research proves the outstanding quality of Seagreens ingredients.

2011 - Founder's inaugural speech at the Natural History Museum, London, launches the Seaweed Health Foundation for research, standards, and public information.

2012 - Seagreens ranked "most searched for ingredient" on the worldwide Life Science search engine, Innovadex. Independently ertified Allergen Free and Kosher for Passover. Seaweed Health Foundation sponsors the first annual Seaweed for Health event at the Royal Botanic Garden at Edinburgh, then an annual event until 2019.

2013 - Peer reviewed research concludes that Seagreens® wild wrack seaweed in a nutrition product of Napiers of Edinburgh can provide iodine sufficiency with no adverse effect on the thyroid.

2014 - 3 research related projects in obesity, thyroid iodine, and diabetes, are published in peer reviewed journals: Journal of Appetite (2011), British Journal of Nutrition (2014), Journal of Applied Phycology (2015).

2015 - Seagreens Trust established to bring into being an international consortium of management, production and distribution partners in Seagreens International Partnership® with a consumer and partnership Council.

2016 - Seagreens first to be Certified to a new Nutritious Food Seaweed standard through a quality assurance scheme developed by the Seaweed Health Foundation and the Biodynamic Association.

2017 - New production partnerships in Iceland and Ireland fully operational, with continuing development in Norway and Scotland producing "a unique product range" of manufacturing ingredients and professional nutrition products.

2018 - Seagreens' 20th Anniversary - new markets develop in Australia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Scandinavia. Full product range relabelled in 12 languages. A new strategy is developed to tackle aggressive online retail activity which is contrary to the ethos of the Seagreens® brand.

2019 - A new production development project commences which will enable independent producers in the British Isles and Nordic region to join the consortium, with the focus on Seagreens activites in Scotland.

2020 - The worldwide 'lockdown' for Covid provides time to develop Seagreens' first-ever online retail platform and a range of retail and healthcare activities to revitalise local communities of consumers, retailers, and nutritional therapists hit by the pandemic and the growth of online retailing.

2021 - Introduction of Seagreens.Shop and a long term strategy to stimulate productive and helpful relatiionships between consumers, appointed retailers, clinics and nutritional therapists in the UK and other countries.

2022 - Retail markets develop, with new distribution partnerships in Denmark and Germany. 


A 2018 Award starts Seagreens 20th Anniversary
The story of Seagreens® is the story of the birth
of a new industry in the British Isles and the
Nordic region - the development of wild sea
vegetables for human nutrition and healthcare
in many different food and health products around
the world - a global consortium and partnership.